Let browsers do the work for you

Engage with users by displaying news, posts and widgets on the main page of the browser which is branded to suit your project or business

A branded New Tab is much more effective than a social network page

Social Networks and Sites

On social networks, users subscribe to a page and rarely return to it again. Social networks and blogs do little to increase revenue and raise brand awareness.


New Tab

Once the New Tab is installed, users will see your content dozens of times every day. This will result in increased business visibility and revenue, as well as user engagement.

How It Works

Set It Up

You can create your New Tab with Capitan in just a day without reaching out to developers


Once your clients install your extension with just a simple click, the New Tab in their browser will be replaced with yours


When users open a New Tab they will see posts and news about your project, published by you through the Capitan platform

Get Results

A New Browser Tab is visited up to 15 times more than the world's most popular website, allowing it to highlight your project and make it more memorable

Just think about it!

Almost every time you want to open a website, you open a New Tab in your browser first. That is why the New Tab page is visited far more than Facebook and YouTube combined!

How does Capitan work?

Today, all browsers support the replacement of the default New Tab and it can be done by simply installing an extension. Capitan is designed to help any business in creating an extension to replace the New Tab within a day.

Send your request to an operator via chat or email

We will ask you a few questions, create and then customise the extension for your company within 24 hours.

The extension will be uploaded to the Chrome Web Store

You will receive a link to the extension, as well as access to the platform for future content publications.

Share your extension with the users

Share the extension with your clients, followers or fans so they can see your content every day.

What are the advantages of a branded New Tab?

1 Your content will not be perceived as an advertisement. Adverts deter people whilst widgets in the New Tab will engage users, gradually connecting them with your brand:

Useful content

Feature useful news, posts and offers about your project in the New Tab feed

Useful links

Embed visual links to your key products in a New Tab which will be available by default after installing the extension

Tailored branding to suit your business

Customise wallpapers and themes for your New Tab to boost the exposure of your project and help promote your business

2 The New Tab allows you to earn extra cash

Earn money by posting

You can publish the content of other advertisers in your news feed and visual bookmarks (just as you do in social media)

We can help you generate income

You can leave the monetisation to us. We will install a setup of visual bookmarks linked to the websites of our partners. You will receive 80% of the profit from such advertising

3 The New Tab attracts users

Full engagement

Throughout the day, your clients will repeatedly open a New Tab and see useful content regarding your project. This will take them on a journey from being simple clients to becoming real fans of your brand

What kind of business could benefit from a New Tab?
Practically any, here are some examples:

You are a blogger or any other business which posts useful content

Perhaps you write about IT or design, help to find affordable tickets, record videos or generate other useful content.

For example, this New Tab was created in the span of 24 hours for vc.ru - a popular portal for business owners

You are a business that prioritises the support of its fans

Whether, you are a celebrity, a manufacturer, a football club or another business that relies on the power of its brand, Capitan can help you.

Here is a New Tab created in only a day for BMW, a manufacturer of business-class cars

You are a business that relies on returning customers

For instance, you run an online game, a beauty salon, a smartphone app or any other enterprise that depends on returning clients.

A great example is this New Tab created in 24 hours for World of Tanks - a popular online game all about tanks

In summary, a New Tab enables your company to:

Publish posts in the New Tab

Increase the views of those posts tenfold due to the frequent reopening of the New Tab by your clients

Receive additional income

From advertisements in the news feed and visual bookmarks in your New Tab

Increase brand or project awareness

With the help of a browser customised with a branded New Tab, that can be created within 24 hours on the Capitan platform

Our prices:

$1 for 1 monthly active user

Free 1-month trial

$0.7 for 1 monthly active user

Free 1-month trial

Custom pricing. Get a quote!

Customised extension to suit your needs

Extension users daily
Up to 100
Up to 1000
Installation of branded themes and wallpapers
Ability to publish your own posts
Installation of branded visual bookmarks ?
Визуальные закладки - это ссылки на сайты с логотипами, которые устанавливаются на новую вкладку. Вы сможете установить любые такие ссылки, в т.ч. на свои проекты
Monetise the extension through ad sales
Automatic monetisation of the extension through the platform ?
Автоматическая монетизация через установку партнерских виузальных закладок

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